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The Benefits of Walking


Walking, outdoors but also on a treadmill, is the healthiest of human activities for us “bi-peds.” In contrast, the sedentary lifestyle leads to obesity, cardiovascular problems, and premature death. Human beings are designed to walk. Couch potatoes, get off those recliners, turn off the TV’s, and start walking your neighborhood. Meeting people is as well a very healthy experience.


The best way to clean the air is to live near work, and walk or bike to your office, shopping or a night out in the “urban village center.” It also reduces CO2 emissions (GHG’s or greenhouse gases).


According to a 2014 study by the Center for Real Estate Analysis at George Washington University and Christopher Leinberger of the Brookings Institute think tank, walkable urban districts are the highest wealth building and economic performing places in the U.S. Metro areas. Walkable, bike-able development trumps suburban sprawl big time.

Quality of Life

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